Level 1 - Proofread

Who is this service for?

Your almost-complete project has already been through some kind of external editorial process and is ready for final proofreading.

What is included?

This level of service involves a detailed word-by-word search that checks for precision in capitalization, punctuation, orthography, and typography.

Level 2 - Basic edit

Who is this service for?

Your project is in its final stages of completion, but requires some extra attention, specifically regarding sentence structure. It also needs to be thoroughly checked for basic grammatical errors and typos.

What is included?

This level of service covers everything listed in Level 1. In addition, unnecessary repetition and effective word choice are examined. The document is also analyzed at sentence level for basic format, grammar, and structure.

Level 3 - Moderate edit

Who is this service for?

While you feel like the end of your project is in sight, it is still in need of an overall detailed review.

What is included?

This level of service covers everything listed in Levels 1 & 2. Paragraph structure and smooth transitions are considered as well. The document is scrutinized for clarity, cohesion, and tense consistency. Format regularity, graphic suitability, and link/URL verification are also included.

Level 4 - Substantial edit

Who is this service for?

You have created and arranged most of the information that you want to include in your project, but it needs considerable review and some re-writing before it is ready to be published.

What is included?

This level of service covers everything listed in Levels 2 & 3*. The project is examined for overall conciseness, development, effectiveness, organization, and readability. The accuracy and thoroughness of the text is also checked.

*A Level 1 proofread is not included in this service. It is strongly advised that a final proofread is carried out on your project before completion. The best results will come from someone other than the copyeditor. Upon request, we can supply a proofreader at the Level 1 cost.

Level 1


Level 2

Basic edit
Level 1 +
Basic formatting
Basic grammar
Basic sentence structure
Unnecessary repetition
Word choice

Level 3

Moderate edit
Level 1 and 2 +
Format consistency
Graphic suitability
Links and URL verification
Paragraph structure
Smooth transitions
Tense consistency

Level 4

Substantial edit
Level 1, 2 and 3 +
Text accuracy
We have used Michelle’s editorial skills for hundreds of projects. Her overall knowledge of the English language, grammatical excellence, ability to create clarity and cohesion in existing text, remarkable time management skills, and attention to detail combine to make her a highly capable and efficient editor who consistently meets deadlines.

Carlton Garborg

President of BroadStreet Publishing
I would like to express my deep appreciation to Michelle Winger for her proofreading skills necessary to resolve my shortcomings… You have become my number one source for proofreading. Your skill and guidance have exceeded my expectations.

Steve Harrison

Michelle Winger has provided an invaluable service to us over the past 10+ years in proofing and editing college documents, from our student handbook to ad copy. She is very professional, accurate, works quickly, and understands how to serve her customers by asking the right questions and grasping the scope of a project before beginning an edit. We look forward to a continuing relationship with Michelle and highly recommend her to the business and education community.

Lori Beyer

Admissions Director
Michelle’s keen eye for accuracy, and her wise advice on style and formatting, gave me confidence that my master’s thesis would meet the standards of academic excellence expected at the graduate level. Contracting with her to read my paper was a good investment.

Mike Neterer

Somali Adult Literacy Training
Michelle provided very thorough copy editing services to our company. The project lasted several weeks and she was extremely prompt in all phases of the initiative. We definitely would use her expertise again.

Randy Dirks, Ph.D

VP Advancement
As a student in Michelle's class I was pleasantly surprised by her passion for English and the writing process. Her love for language, and gifting to teach in an encouraging way, is something I had not encountered before. Her love for writing rubbed off on me and now I maintain a blog as well as semi-monthly newsletters. Thank you, Michelle, for making a difference in my life by sharing your knowledge and love for the writing process!

Keegan Johnson

Hand over any proofreading or editing to Literally Precise and you can forget about those nagging questions: Did I forget something? Should I reword it differently? You can breathe deep and relax. Literally Precise is exactly what it claims—precise, thorough, and committed to excellence.

Carol Garborg

I was glad to hear that Michelle was going to have her editing business. She did some work on my book. She was precise, conscientious, helpful, and accurate in her editing. I would recommend people strongly consider using Literally Precise.

Edward E. Dudek



Though the two are closely related, editing and proofreading are very different. Editing literally means to edit for publication. An editor pays close attention to the details of a project in order to make it ready for publication. Proofreading is performed on almost completed material with the intention of finding and marking errors. Perhaps an easier way of defining the difference between the two is to think of them as two different steps in the same process. An editor works on developing material in the early to middle stages, while a proofreader comes in at the final stage to ensure flawlessness.

Even professional editors should have their material read by someone other than themselves. It is virtually impossible to look at your own work objectively. You are likely to read what you intended to write, rather than what is actually written. Getting an outside perspective is critical to successful writing.

Literally Precise offers four different editing services. These services are determined by differing levels of document revision. To see the list of specifics offered in each level, see **page**.

To determine what level of editing is needed, submit a sample of your project. The sample will be reviewed, and you will be sent a recommendation of which service level would best suit your project. Once you have decided on a service and your desired completion time, an estimate will be sent to you.

The turnaround time for a project is dependent upon the type of document submitted and the urgency of its completion. Upon submitting a sample of your project, you will be sent an estimate of completion time. Rush projects will be charged an additional fee.

The privacy and confidentiality of your project is of utmost importance to us. We will not share your work, or portions of your work, with anyone outside of our company. Your business is no one else’s business.